Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Weekend!, Saturday! March 6, 2010

The rain tapered off and went south, but hopefully not on the Oscars.

I was up at 6:30am and Quincy was ready for his walk. He is funny in the morning sleeping next to me. I say ready for the park and he looks at me, yawns and stretches like it is work. When we get up he can not wait to mark everything his. And when he takes a dump he runs faster than a bullet. He is so happy.

I was up early and got to the Ferry Building early. I set the table and had to think. The owners jacked rent up to 75% and now Masterilli's is closed and my salami place is gone. So I have to go to Golden Gate Meat Market, and theirs is good, especially with their blue cheese dressings. What doesn't go with blue cheese?

So this morning, since I was early, I missed my torta, but I got bread from Della, cheese from Point Reyes, grapes from Capay, salami, blue cheese dressings and egg salad from Golden Gate Meat Market,

Lorraine had a new soda. I tasted it and I said it is "Sprite"! Interesting she said. It was Rosemary!

I got flowers and went back to set the table. After I settled down, Rob and Suzanne came by, just back from Mexico. Suzanne always looks like a million bucks! As does Rob. And thank God, he is ok. He had the bends in Mexico from diving.

Well it wasn't much later that a photographer on assignment from the French National Geographic stopped by to take pictures. if we looked good enough we will be in the May issue.

Dr. David and Father Eric went to Tahoe with and Tony and Paul. Kevin came by for a short visit as did Richard who was a little under the weather....too many high kicks in LA!

My friend Amy was stuck in LA doing a photo shoot for Oprah magazine.

Then out of nowhere I get a tap on shoulder....."You look like Truman Capote and would be perfect for my next film.:"

So let's see what happens.

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