Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Birthday & A Top Chef Finalist, Saturday, January 30, 2010

The morning was beautiful with the sun beaming down and trying to dry out the City. The artists were still setting up across from the Ferry Building as I approached. Who knew the surprises that were lingering.

I set up the table and then went and did the shopping. Starting at Golden Gate Meat Market, I got a stack of fresh cut salami, egg salad, their Blue Cheese dressing which seems to be great on everything, and a slice of pate. From there to Della for breads, Cowgirl Express for Batch 22, which is a new cheese. Gathered up grapes, olives, torta and crayfish. Finally, from Stan out front, I got a bunch of Twisted willow branches for the flower tin.

Once the table was arranged to my discriminating style, I sat down and Jason poured a glass of crisp white wine. Soon the crowd got bigger and the usual suspects arrived at the table.

Today was Rob Cox's birthday. Suzanne, Sue, Richard, Dr. David & Father Eric and more arrived throughout the day. But who knew what was going to happen at precisely the same time......

First, Eric screams, "Oh my God, that was Tyra Banks that just walked by!" Then he says to me, "Oh my God that's Carla!" I said, "Carla who?" "Carla from Top Chef last season," he says.
So I told him to tell Suzanne. Suzanne then yells, "Carla, Carla, Carla!" And she came over to the table and came in for a picture. Everyone had questions for her about Top Chef and what she is doing now. She has a very nice husband who took pictures and will be sending soon. Rob offered to paint her.

Then later Lorraine come running up and said, Tyra Banks loved her soda! So another fun day at the table. I' know there will be many more to come.

Dispatch! Wine Bar! San Francisco!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, Janurary 23, Twenty Ten- No Rain!

We can never get enough rain out here in California. Having said that, the rain days of Dec.-Feb. are dark and dreary and always mean your going to have a leak! So what does a foodie do? He makes the classic Leeks Vinaigrette!

This Saturday was quite fun. I ran into Charles out back on the bay as I was doing my usual routine, sacheting and grabbing the best the market has. I have the tall french flower tin that I bring every Saturday and it requires towering mesmerising arrangements. Well, this time of year every thing is short. Nothing will work in my tin. BUT, I did find these twigs from my buddy Stan out front.

Rob and Suzanne made an appearance. Rob had a fun night with his friends.

Father Eric was doing priestly work and Dr. David was on call and must have a major trauma because he never made it down. Amy showed up right after Charles arr rived again. So that means gossip and good dishy gossip. Five places in the Ferry Building had their rent jacked up some to the tune of 75%! Look, as you all know, I'm a republican, the old style and their are only 5 of us left, but good god. The markets needs its stores and diverse shops. Mastrelli's, Lulu Petite, Fish market, Borianna, all gone. Tragic really.

So Richard and Phyllis went to Vegas for Bette Midler. I called him today and found out they shared a room! This will be the talk of the town.

Amy and Charles had fun talking about world politics and regulatory issues. I enjoy those conversations a great deal. You can see them in their pictures here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, Twenty Ten

The first picture is me and Father Eric, Eric's partner Dr. David who is next to Richard with the scarf. I had a huge spray of fresh Heather on the table. The Marin Cheddar cheese was really good yesterday with the grapes.

I had a blue cheese dip that was great with the salami and semolina bread from Della. We had smoked duck and pork rillettes from the Fatted Calf, Epi's from Acme, crayfish and tortas from the fish market, olives, egg salad, Nigel's new dried Lemon Salt and Drinkwell's new Pinot Noir Pomegranate soda. Oh and of course french breakfast radishes with Jersey butter made fresh. Allison and Phyllis came by as did a bunch of regulars. Since the Fancy Food Show is in town lots of foodies stopped by for my spectacle.

Last but not the least, Jason kept us well lubricated through out the day. Buddy Drew called from Columbus saying they are likely moving to Hawaii for cooking gigs. They better get a big place because we are all stopping by.

As you scroll through the pictures, while shopping yesterday I ran into Horace. He is a local Seagull who enjoys the market like the rest of us. There is also the picture of the Ferry Building as I'm walk towards it after getting of the bus. I always get choked up as I approach it. Good times are always had there and the friends I have met make it the best place.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010- COLD!

The hole week has been cold here in San Francisco, but yesterday was damp on top of the cold. I shouldn't complain since Mum's just left on Thursday back to Traverse City which is in single digits. I had a flannel shirt covered with a Mum's hand knit sweater from 25 years ago and a cashmere scarf around the neck and Mum's hand knit socks with cashmere around the toes so I was warm.

But the chilliness did not stop the market and it looked like a busy day. I had salami and kalamata olives from Mastrelli's, spiced nuts from Petite Lulu, an Epi from Acme Bread Company, french breakfast radishes with my homemade garlic aioli that I made the night before, a potato cheese and onion torta from the Fish Market, Thompson grapes, and Point Reyes Blue Cheese. A large amount of Eucalyptus and twigs accented the table.

Visitors were Rob & Suzanne, Lisa & Mark, Amy, Allison, Johnathan & Eva, Jeanne, Phyllis who brought me a bag of condoms (our Planned Parenthood connection) and a bunch of people inquiring about the table and food. Dr. David was in Guam, Father Eric at a retreat, Richard was in and out and no word on Kevin. Took a cab home and was greeted by an excited Quincy ready for his romp in Lafayette Park!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Friends & Vendors

Not a Saturday goes by that at least a dozen people stop at the table and ask, "Where did you get that?, Where do you get your bread? Where do you get your tomatoes?" and on and on.

My bread is made by Della Fattoria in Petaluma, CA. That is the owner, Ed Weber at his stand on Saturday. All their breads are good, but I love the Rosemary Meyer Lemon. It doesn't last long on the table.

As for tomatoes and seasonings, Nigel from Eatwell Farms has become a great pal. His heirloom tomatoes are incredible alone and even better with his lavender sea salt. He is there virtually every Saturday and sometimes he has his cute twin boys helping out. Nigel is in the picture with Jeanne Rose, a successful author and regular at the wine bar on Saturdays.

Lorriane is Nigel's partner and she just created these new low sugar natural sodas. They contain probiotics, electrolyte's and digestive enzymes due to the process of lacto-fermentation. She has several flavors each week. I like the lavender again!

Scenes from the Table Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yesterday day was a little cold and wet but of course the market was busy to start the year off right. We had a lot of laughs, gossip and even a little serious intelectual conversations. Delia, Dr. David & partner Father Eric, Amy Hewitt, Mums, Jason from the wine bar, Rob, Allison, Kevin, and Belida & Peter all made it to the table. Sherri from the Gardener stopped by as did dozens of people to stop and check out the table and food and take pictures.