Sunday, March 28, 2010

Delicious Days! Saturday! March 27, 2010!

Got up early and Quincy and I had our morning constitutional around Lafayette Park. Crisp morning but would soon be a perfect weather day for me...65 degrees and why I love San Francisco. And yes, I do miss my former first lady. She reads this.

Hopped in the shower and blasted up my The Script radio station on Pandora on the Blackberry. I win American Idol every morning in the shower! Today was going to be flashy and dapper ... a bit Lily Pulitzer, really. Yellow, hot pink, sandals, navy blazer, very Palm Beach.

Because of the weather the market was busy early as I approached. Good sign. Good day it will be. And fun with unexpected guests from all over the world. As I have said, the table has become the United Nations table. Everyone comes from all over the world and we meet and talk and go in peace.

So after shopping and answering all the questions about how my allergies are doing... everyone knew about my absence last week! Good friends. Well, it wasn't much more than a minute after I sat down that Allison...of McQuade's Chutney stopped by for a little wine and fun. She was off to the Whiskey festival where her Whiskey Peach Chutney is being highlighted. I love my Allison. She's been over for dinner several times. And her Jay loves my meatloaf and smashed potatoes! I should make him some more.

So as Allison and I are catching up on the week, I get a tap on the shoulder. "I see you here every week! You make our day!", she said. "It is so fantastic what you do!," she added. I said thank you. It is the same sort of thing I did back at Michigan State for the football games in the back of my Rabbit. Now I'm older and in San Francisco and its done in a wine bar! Tailgaters! We never die!

Well, she was with her friends and friends from Germany. They asked to take pictures of me and the table. Oliver's camera looked like a cannon! Nicky's was subdued. We exchanged cards after a nice chat. Well, Allison looked at their email and it said "" Allison flagged them back to the table. "I love your blog and I read it everyday!, Love it!" Well I think she was so excited. I pulled up the site on the Blackberry then, and it is a very cool site. Maybe the table will make it on....keep you all posted.

Mums called from Michigan to let me know she was going to spend my inheritance at the casino. Good for her! She wins.

Later, Rob, Suzanne, Sue and Kevin arrived and they took the table next to me since they had other friends coming down. A bit later, my agent Belinda and partner Peter stopped by as they were shopping for a big lasagna for later. I told them I had just read about a great asparagus, morel lasagna recipe in the new Bon Appetite. They read it and were thinking of making it.

Then my good buddies, Dr. David and Father Eric arrived as did Amy! Oh, did we catch up and talk politics for a couple hours! What a week and a historic one with health care passage and Tea Baggage violence. History.

The day went by fast. And when Jason pours red wine, it is time to go and it was 3:00 pm. Amy and I packed up and headed for a cab to share. She is such a nice lady!

I walked in the door and was greeted with big licks from Quincy! And we went to the park where he got to play with his girlfriend, big black Giselle and I chatted with Delia. Perfect, delicious day!

Dispatch! Wine Bar! San Francisco!

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  1. Wish I was there with you all. Much love to all at the table.