Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday! April 24, 2010! Avon Breast Cancer Walk Training!

Since my Former First Lady was concerned.....

First off...I'm not fat! I just look like a fatso in this picture! You'd think I ate San Francisco. If I could I would, though....

I'm wearing an XXL t shirt for the breast cancer walk.

No table today...had to do training for the walk for my Mums. I did 10 miles with no trouble and way faster than i thought. 10 miles in 1.5 hours. at 46? take me on!

I got a beer after that.... and a beer never tasted better! All those miles to slam breast cancer are all worth it! Another 10 miles in the am.

Saturday! April, 10, 2010!

Uneventful day... go figure....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Peter Rabbit! Saturday! April 3, 2010!

Well, the rain stopped for one day and it was for my favorite day of the week! And since it was Easter weekend, I pulled out the old seersucker vest to wear under the blazer.

Busy, busy, busy market. Crowded. When I was shopping, there were long lines at every bread vendor. I'm not a patient guy. So I went to Noe Valley Bakery and got two garlic seeded baguettes...they are great. Richard loved them and he is partial to Acme.

I stopped by Lorraine's stand to return a bottle and get her newest soda...Tangerine! She has something going here. That is why I'm happy to do product placement for Drinkwell sodas. This one was by far the best! It is perfect!

Next stop was to Nigel to get some dried lemon sea salt...this is so good on my friend Eva's tomatoes! Well, Nigel wanted me to try his new sugar- smoked chili sugar. It is great with hot chocolate. So as you can see, he got product placement too!

Once I set up the table and said hi to Jeanne who was nice to ask about the collarbone healing. It's fine. I don't want to do surgery. I can live with the golf ball lump on my shoulder. Frustrating thing is I don't sleep well on my right side anymore. Feels funny.

Well, Alison showed up. And she is fun. So I put her new habanero chutney on the table too for product placement. (And more about that later below) Richard came by a bit later. We chatted about our allergies before he went shopping. He swears by Allegra so I need to get a prescription for that now. Everyone says it's the worst allergy season ever this year....I hear that every year! But it is bad. Really bad, if you suffer from it, like I do.

Soon Kevin arrived as did Rob and Suzanne late for them. Suzanne was done with her exercise program so she slept until 10am! Lucky girl! The market was abuzz and the wine bar was packed. Soon the whole gang was at the table and we were all catching up on the week and discussing travel plans. Richard is off to London for two weeks for plays and the new Rufus Wainwright opera... he's his biggest fan! And baseball season is starting and you can feel that in the air. I met many fellow Michigan State alums too...with MSU in the final 4! Sadly, we lost by 2 points!

My gal pal Amy came by a bit later. She was working on Saturday so only could stay for a bit. She loved Alison's habanero chutney and though her friend and celebrity chef Susan Fienger would like it. She is flying back to Los Angeles on this coming week as Susan is in the new Top Chef Masters show on Wednesday! I hope Susan wins! Never met her but have alwas liked her on TV.

Oh, and by the way, it was Richard that pulled out the rabbit ears to make me Peter Rabbit or Peter Cottontail. I sent the "classy"picture to Mums in Michigan. She was watching the weather channel and she wrote back that she was so proud! I spit out my wine and laughed.

Well, the days go by fast and once Jason sets down a glass of red, that mean it is time to pack up. Hailed a cab home where Quincy was so glad that Dad was home. We went up to Lafayette Park and had a long stroll.

Dispatch! Wine Bar! San Francisco!