Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Saturday! February 27, 2010

I woke up at about 3:30 am Saturday morning in the TV bedroom were I nodded off with the tube on. There had been a huge 8.8 earthquake in Chile. I listened to the early reports then went back to sleep.

I got up at 6:45am and took Quincy for a long walk at Lafayette Park. The rain was just stopping and the sun was peeking out. And good god, the allergies were kicking in so that means spring is here and no need to wait until March 21 to get into my flashy spring wardrobe! If I have to feel miserable I'm at least going to look like I enjoy it!

The news said a major Tsunami could hit Hawaii later in the day. Which I found odd since it is 7000 miles away.

So the shower and shave, the hot pants, Fred Astaire belt, navy blazer, pocket square, sweater over shoulders and flashy sandals and I was off to the 1 bus. This bus I call the Asian run. It arrives full at Sacramento and Buchanan pretty full of all Asians from the Richmond. They are all heading to Chinatown for the shopping. When the bus stops at Stockton, it empties and leave 3 Caucasians! San Francisco is funny that way.

I approached my beloved building right on time. Who knew the drama! and phone calls that would unfold.

Set up and go shopping. I gathered up salami, tulips, egg salad, blue cheese dip, tor ta, cheese, pears, tomatoes, chicken, olives and bread. Made the table and sat down to a bubbly Jason served.

I grab my Blackberry to text Dr. David and Father Eric to see if they were coming and to see if they were here and not in Chile. I had a hunch. And I was part right, I quickly got a message back that they were at SFO waiting for a delayed flight to Honolulu to see his parents. I sent back about the tsunami and he was aware and his parents were seeking higher ground. Soon I get a message back that they are boarding and the pilot says that they have twice the amount of fuel in case they can't land and need to fly back to SFO. Then I get another message from the the Dr. saying they expect a mild tsunami so they weren't worried. That was the last I heard from them so I'm sure they made it fine.

Soon I get a call from Mums. She was watching the weather channel...they do that in Michigan. She was concerned that the tsunami was going to hit San Francisco since there was an alert from San Diego to Alaska. I said I'm at the wine bar and if anything happens this is the way I want to go....good food and wine. Quincy is fine up on the top of Pacific Heights.

(Since getting up at 5am as I write this dispatch, CNN says there was no threat to Hawaii.)

Soon Sue arrives and said Rob and Suzanne who are vacationing in Mexico have a delayed return. I asked why. Poor Rob got the bends from scuba diving and needed to go into a decompression chamber! Tragic but he is fine. Then Kevin finally made it after been out sick for a couple weeks. It was good to see him. Richard was in Los Angeles attending dutifully the ballet. The guy loves a high kick!

As Jason changes me out to a Zinfandel, Amy and Alison arrive. We get all caught up and start checking out the eye candy. Alison said Jay was having a rough couple days in and out of the hospital.

And a sad note was some regulars at the wine bar said they are moving back to Rochester, NY because the health care here is out of whack. BC/BS raised premiums 40%! We need Medicare for all! NOW! Those frickin Senators and Congress people get it, we should too. The difference is they get nice fat checks from the insurance industry to deny us what they get. What a country!

Well it was time and the tsunami threat was dismissed. I forgot to mention the flowers I got were parrot tulips green and red but they never opened. (As I write this I just flipped the light on in the dining room and they are starting to open.) They are beautiful yet somewhat creepy. But that happens sometimes when you have two lips coming at you!

Dispatch! Wine Bar! San Francisco!

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