Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tulips & Asparagus! Saturday, February 20, 2010

The rain stopped for a little bit as I approached my beloved building. The sun was starting to come out over the bay and there was a hint in the air that today would be fun. Rob and Suzanne were in Mexico, Amy has been busy and Kevin has been sick, so who would surprise me?

I took some pictures of inside the wine bar so people can see the ambiance. It is such a fantastic place to visit with friends and people from all over the world. I'm expecting photos from a lovely woman from Paris who was astonished by the table as she walked by.

So spring is in the air here in San Francisco. Tulips and Asparagus have returned! I can't wait to start making asparagus everything...soup, gratin, poached, served with a great aioli, and more.

So after shopping for all my goods and setting up the table, my lovely friend Allison arrived- the Chutney Lady! She loves her birthplace and always gets a glass of bubbly and says, "I hope it rains!" She loves Scotland. Well, today she brought a very fun friend who is making bacon jams.
I got to taste four versions, and let me tell you, his stuff is incredible. I bet he makes a fortune. We tried bacon with bourbon and pecans, bacon with Allison's roasted red pepper chutney, and others. Soooo....... good!

My good friend Sarah called to give me a Michigan update. While it is a past chapter in my life, Michigan is the best state in the country. It's where a handshake means a contract. It's where the handshake means you are the best. I once got a hand written note from President 41 George H. Bush who I did some work for and that guy is all class. As is Barbara, she was in my first campaign brochure. All from a handshake. It is what makes you real. That is "Pure Michigan". which tears me up when I see every ad.

Richard came by the table with fun friends in from Chico. Richard got some great Devil's Gulch cheese from Cow Girl and it was perfect with everything and even the blue cheese dip and dried lemon sea salt. And even better with the tomatoes from Eva's stand out front....first of the season.

After they left I put on Pandora and my ear set and was rocking out while reading and then I get tap on the shoulder and it was Melissa, Jason's girlfriend and famous Ess Eff chef!. She brought a great liverwurst from Fatted Calf out back. Then Charles came by and then Dr. David and Father Eric! And then my friend Delia, who owns Giselle who is Quincy's girl friend. We quickly caught up and gossiped about the past week.

Lots of eye candy and we did indeed solve all the world problems at what I like to call my United Nations Table. But I suspect bacon, tulips and asparagus will always make the world a great and friendly place.

Dispatch! Wine Bar! San Francisco!

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  1. Peter - your writing gets better and better. I love reading it. Hey to everyone...Nancy