Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, Janurary 23, Twenty Ten- No Rain!

We can never get enough rain out here in California. Having said that, the rain days of Dec.-Feb. are dark and dreary and always mean your going to have a leak! So what does a foodie do? He makes the classic Leeks Vinaigrette!

This Saturday was quite fun. I ran into Charles out back on the bay as I was doing my usual routine, sacheting and grabbing the best the market has. I have the tall french flower tin that I bring every Saturday and it requires towering mesmerising arrangements. Well, this time of year every thing is short. Nothing will work in my tin. BUT, I did find these twigs from my buddy Stan out front.

Rob and Suzanne made an appearance. Rob had a fun night with his friends.

Father Eric was doing priestly work and Dr. David was on call and must have a major trauma because he never made it down. Amy showed up right after Charles arr rived again. So that means gossip and good dishy gossip. Five places in the Ferry Building had their rent jacked up some to the tune of 75%! Look, as you all know, I'm a republican, the old style and their are only 5 of us left, but good god. The markets needs its stores and diverse shops. Mastrelli's, Lulu Petite, Fish market, Borianna, all gone. Tragic really.

So Richard and Phyllis went to Vegas for Bette Midler. I called him today and found out they shared a room! This will be the talk of the town.

Amy and Charles had fun talking about world politics and regulatory issues. I enjoy those conversations a great deal. You can see them in their pictures here.

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