Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010- COLD!

The hole week has been cold here in San Francisco, but yesterday was damp on top of the cold. I shouldn't complain since Mum's just left on Thursday back to Traverse City which is in single digits. I had a flannel shirt covered with a Mum's hand knit sweater from 25 years ago and a cashmere scarf around the neck and Mum's hand knit socks with cashmere around the toes so I was warm.

But the chilliness did not stop the market and it looked like a busy day. I had salami and kalamata olives from Mastrelli's, spiced nuts from Petite Lulu, an Epi from Acme Bread Company, french breakfast radishes with my homemade garlic aioli that I made the night before, a potato cheese and onion torta from the Fish Market, Thompson grapes, and Point Reyes Blue Cheese. A large amount of Eucalyptus and twigs accented the table.

Visitors were Rob & Suzanne, Lisa & Mark, Amy, Allison, Johnathan & Eva, Jeanne, Phyllis who brought me a bag of condoms (our Planned Parenthood connection) and a bunch of people inquiring about the table and food. Dr. David was in Guam, Father Eric at a retreat, Richard was in and out and no word on Kevin. Took a cab home and was greeted by an excited Quincy ready for his romp in Lafayette Park!

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