Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday July 18, 2009...New Friends

I had just set up the table and sitting down to a glass of rose bubbly when this beautiful couple stops by with a sensational looking baby. The thing I hear all the time..."Every time we come here we love you table. You are always here." Melissa, Sean and little G are cool cats. They have an open invite on Saturdays. Here is a picture Sean took...and he takes fantastic photos.

Melissa has a great shop in Sausalito called Reverie. Great stuff check it out.
The first photo was taken by acclaimmed photographer Lawerence Korb from the North Bay. He specializes in food photography.


  1. You, dearest Peter, are the fabulous one! You inspire us weekly, and now we are beyond honored to be a part of your beautiful world!

    Here's to making new friends and sipping great bubbly!

  2. great photo - see you saturday!