Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Drew and Kim's Bon Voyage to Columbus, Ohio, Saturday June 27, 2009

I love my buddy Drew. We met when I first started the table over 5 years ago and then on Craigslist's Food Forum- back when it was fun. He's a chef and instructor but I never felt scared to cook for him because we both love good food, bacon and fat! And I've been cooking longer than he has, but don't get paid for it.

I wish him and Kim and the dogs so much luck.

These are great pictures from the lovely Amy Hewitt.

Come back soon for a visit Drew & Kim!

FYI: Lavender, Compliments of www.eatwellfarms.com

Last picture is me and Rob, Dr. David, Drew & Kim.


  1. Peter thank you for putting on such a lovely send-off party for Drew and Kim. Those of us who have shared so many laughs on Saturday mornings will truly miss them.


  2. Awww shucks you guys. I miss you all too. Columbus is treating us really really well but it sucks not having 1) a friend network such as you all and 2) a farmers market where you can sip wine(although there is a full bar at the movie theaters here;-) )