Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Table is Back! Random Photos this Holiday Season

It was 9 weeks ago that I shattered my collarbone on the right side and I'm right handed. I could not do all my usual things like cook, shake hands properly, and other things you take for granted including the Saturday table. I'm pretty much fully recovered, doing my rubber band strengthening routine. The cross ward motion of trying to shave the left side of my face still is uncomfortable. There is a very slight chance of shaving the bone down after four months if it is still a problem, but hopefully not.

I haven't received any recent pictures, so here are a few from the Holiday Season. Mums with Kevin, Mums at the back of the Ferry Building, and my kid Quincy enjoying a drink at Lafayette Park this afternoon.

With my new Blackberry, there will be plenty of pictures every week.

1 comment:

  1. Such handsome people dining at the Ferry Building. I am jealous! Quincy looks as cute as ever. Tell Mums that she looks EXACTLY the same---she has ceased aging.

    Love you, mean it. Sarah