Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today Saturday May 9, 2009

A lovely woman named Debra Evans from Sunnyvale, CA stopped by to take a couple pictures. Nice lady. Thanks. the resolution of this photo. Takes 20 years off my face! You're my official photographer now Debra! You make me look so Van Gough!

People are asking me now just what do I buy? So today I have salami, artisan shaved ham, egg salad, smoked salmon, blanched asparagus with lemon oil, olive bread & rosemary meyer lemon bread, spicy nuts, cheeses are Pt. Reyes Blue, Havarti and Mt. Tam, first cherries of the season...nothing like back in Northern Michigan. My favorite and the nicest Chinese lady has great flowers every week for me. It is funny how we communicate. I honestly don't understand what she says to me but she knows what I say to her. It works great. Love the woman! and the Ranucculas? are from out front in the market.

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  1. Thanks for the chance to get a picture of your gorgeous flowers and food. I'd just bought some interesting chocolate flavor combinations from Recchiuti Confections,, up the way so I was in a good mood. Plus, I got some first of the year cherries, too.

    My iPhone does tend to take "dreamy" pictures, so I'm glad it worked out for you. I'm going to tweet your post on Twitter, so you may get a few more visitors.